Thursday, June 9, 2011


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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kel-Tec PF9 Number 2

I love Crossbreed style Holsters. makes a better holster than I do. But I'll still wear my own. I have tried many different style's of holsters and this is by far the most comfortable way Inside the Waistband, tuckable.

Someone tell me why this thing wants to turn my pictures sideways. They are not saved on my computer this way, and I have tried everything I can think of short of learning how to write computer code...

Anyway, you get the picture.

Kel-Tec PF9

My most recent addition to my self defense line up is the Kel-Tec PF9. I'm sure there are plenty of reviews out on this gun, and by people that know more than I do. But that won't stop me from offering my .02

Overall, I have a great "like" for this gun. I can't say I love it. If you want to know why keep reading, otherwise just skip to the pictures of the holster below.

My brother bought a Kel-Tec PLR-16 several years ago, it's a fun gun. Makes me think of Han solo's blaster from "Starwars." Lots of plastic, always goes "bang" when you pull the trigger, nothing to complain about. I didn't really get excited about anything else they offered till they announced the PF9. It's was just what I was looking for. Small, 9mm, and great price for the value. Unfortunately, by this time I had already put down my roots in the great Peoples Republic Of Kalifornicstan. The PF9 was not and of today is not on the Roster of Safe handguns. This means that a FFL Gun Dealer can not sell me one of these guns, because California State Department of Justice thinks they know more about gun safety than the people who make them. Ironically this doesn't mean I can't have one, it just means I can't buy it from a FFL dealer. So as long as I buy from a private party selling one, I'm fine. 100% legal. Just had to find some hoops to jump through.

My first impression was not amazement of how small it was but a little surprised at how unfinished it was. As I understand things, Kel-Tec is a plastic's manufacturer for the Areo-space industry, and they like to make guns in their spare time. (my kind of hobby.) As I looked over the gun there were many places where excess plastic formed sharp edges and places where it was obvious that no time was taken to remove the excess after beingremoved from the mold.
This isn't a complaint, at the price point they are selling these for I didn't expect anything amazing, I was just surprised.

My favorite thing about the gun is that it is a very easy to conceal 9mm. There are many Good firearms that are good for CCW, But I did not want to stock 10 different ammunitions. This gun was perfect for all of the list items i had been looking for.

My first time shooting it was a big eye opener. It hurt. I'm a gun guy, I like shooting, I use my hands for more than typing on this keyboard, I didn't think my grip would that affected by the recoil of the 9mm and the small narrow grip of the PF9. I have to admit, I'm still getting used to it. I understand "Limbsaver" Makes a product that helps but I have yet to try one.

I carry it about half the time. In a Crossbreed style holster it is very comfortable to carry, and as I get more an more comfortable shooting it it will become my only every day carry weapon.

I have had a good time making holsters for it. Taking ideas from here and there.

This is a outside the waist band, inside the belt Kydex and Leather holster. The design is the credit of another I saw a picture of it on another more reputable website. But I liked the idea, and decided that this might be a great option for the PF9. Currently this is the only one I have made and it belongs to a great friend of mine. I need to make another. Soon.

The owner wanted this to be a palm out draw, the design can be reversed. Tension adjustable, adequate room to grip, and comfortable to wear. I'm sure an all Kydex version could be made as well. There are lots of variation that I can try.

Berretta 92

This was a gift for my brother-in-law with a nice Berretta, it needed a nice holster to be carried around in.

Rare picture of a soon to be finished project.

Christmas Present for my Sister in Law

I found a book from the 70's on how to make sandals. Now that styles are being recycled I've discovered that these are pretty popular.

I would prefer to make gun leather, but these were a fun project. And I think my sister in law likes them, even though they have many mistakes...

Very Late Christmas Gift

This is either a very early for next year Christmas Gift, or what it really is a late one for this last year.

This is for a Ruger Security Six. Great old gun Ruger stopped making in the 80's I think.

I tried two new things with this holster, I hope the recipient likes them...

1. It's made from a horses butt. No lie. I found a deal on some leather from the rump of Mr. Ed. It was a good price something new to try. I don't like the leather for a few reasons but it produced a nice holster.

2. I tried something new with my dye. I read a tip telling me to mix some dye with some leather conditioner, and work it that way, didn't producer what I hoped for, but it's nice warm color. Almost a British tan.

If you're clever you can see the initials of the owner in the holster.

So when I get around to shipping it, hopefully by next Christmas, I hope the owner likes it.

This set was for a a fellow Calgunner that was kind enough to pay me with a new barrel for a 10/22. YEAH! He knows who he is and he was a wonderful guy to make a holster for. This is a "BladeTtech" (I think) Kydex plastic holster Cover.

Kydex is a great material to use for holsters, commercially all the way down to the do it yourselfer's. They retain the weapon wonderfully. My only complaint is that they aren't much to look at. So I took one awhile back and made a leather cover it attaches with the tension screws which are switched out for a longer set to be able to still function as a tension device.

The owner had a silver half dollar that he wanted incorporated in the holster. I had a jeweler make it into a "concho" and we added it to this design picked out by the owner.
Turned out great.

Another view showing the kydex holster on the inside. We also added a nice cover for the dual mag holder.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Another Hanford Officer

These two holsters were for another Hanford Officer. I tried to charge him half price if he would promise never to give me a ticket...he elected to pay full price.
Real nice guy, so far i have only met the nice officers of our town... so far.

And I don't know why but I can't rotate these pictures. They are not rotated like this on my computer...anyway, sorry.

Ruger LCR

First a short review, This pistol belongs to one of my law enforcement friends and of course we had to go try this little guy out. At first I was a little hesitant because keeping with popular design styles for todays revolvers this pistol is designed to reduce weight, so the grip portion of the frame is made of hard polymer. This polymer is common for todays semi automatics, but this is the first use in a revolver that I have seen. This gun is concerningly light weight. The cylinder and other integral parts of the gun are light weight metal, I'm not sure if it is Scandium, or aluminum or what combination they are using. Ruger says it is rated for +P 38 specials, and after having shot it, you can certainly feel a difference with the +p ammo but, this is a great little gun.

I like the feel, and the grip, fills out my normal man size hand perfectly. Comfortable, i never felt like I didn't have control of it. The Trigger...wonderful straight out of the box. It is a hammerless design, so you get double action only pulls. This is not a drawback. The trigger is smooth and consistent and feels perfect.

I didn't like, the 5 shot capacity. I know it's not the right gun if you need large capacity, but, could you slip one more slot in the cylinder?

Overall, this is a great Back up gun, or slip it in the purse just in case... I am sure there will be some who say if you can't do it in one shot, don't bother. I don't really agree, I carry. I carry, full Clip + one, and 2 extra mags. Why, I don't know, and thats why. Better to have and not need then need and not have.

Reasonably priced and on the CA Roster certified for sale to the public. 

Knife Sheath

Good friend asked me to Dress up his old "Boy Scout Knife" with a nice sheath. I miss the days when Boy Scouts could carry six in blades and everyone thought it was normal.